Make It Your Choice, Not Theirs!

We'll keep you running with your current vibration data collection & vibration analyzer products at a very attractive cost to you for as long as we can.  Our goal is to build  long-term trust & a highly valued relationship.

Then, when YOU & your CBM program are ready for new technology, we invite you to compare our Liberator 402 to any system on the market. 


Ask us about the Liberator;     a genuine breakthrough in machine condition monitoring! 


Registered Names/Trademarks:

CSI, Computational Systems Inc., now MHM Machine Health Management, owned by Emerson Process Management LLLP

Entek IRD, owned by Rockwell Int'l.

dataPAC Registered Trademark

SKF Condition Monitoring (formerly Palomar) owned by SKF

Microlog Registered Trademark

DI, Diagnostic Instruments Ltd., now owned by SKF

COMMTEST Instruments, Ltd. of New Zealand


TEZZCO Repairs & Maintains CSI Vibration Analyzers

Data Collectors Models 2120, 2130, 2115, & 2110



  • Avoid forced obsolescence & the capital expense of a forced change to new products.

  • Save up to 50% on current service contracts depending on volume.

  • Gain a qualified alternate service provider for your existing CSI vibration data collectors/analyzers.

Candidates for Savings: If you have 1 or 400 CSI vibration analyzers in use, you know that the CSI 2120 was declared obsolete and soon will no longer be supported by Emerson. 

Why the 2120?  There are thousands of CSI 2120s out in service and they have proven to be a good product. It makes no sense to Tezzco to see a good product dumped so Tezzco keeps the CSI 2120s used by small shops, consultants, and large corporations repaired and calibrated, supplying batteries and other basic necessary support items to keep them productive likely for years to come. 

  • Repair & Maintain CSI Model 2120

    Tezzco can repair, calibrate and maintain CSI Model 2120 single and 2-channel portable vibration analyzers / data collectors. 

  • Repair & Maintain CSI Model 2130

    Tezzco can repair CSI Model 2130 single and 2-channel portable vibration analyzers / data collectors.


  • Repair & Maintain CSI Model 2115 & Older Model 2110

    Tezzco can repair older CSI Model portable vibration analyzers / data collectors such as the Model 2115.  We can even repair some 2110s depending upon their condition.  We are pleased to check them out and let you know the prognosis.


CSI vibration analyzer calibration- We do more than a shaker check:

We provide NIST TRACEABLE calibration, repeatable to the 4th decimal place.  TEZZCO provides OEM quality board-level component replacement and calibration.

For pricing, corporate discounts and technical details  on the repair & lower cost maintenance contracts, please contact our North American office at

(716) 652-6220

or e-mail us at

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